This tour is for the 4th Hiroshima Osorakan Trail on the 19th May, 2019.The bus departs from Hiroshima station to Osorakan Snow Park on the 18th (Sat) and the accommodation is at Ikoi No Mura Hiroshima.

Date2019 May 18th (Sat) – 19th (Sun)
Travel ExpensesAll prices are per person.                                  
【Bus tour】Single room (with toilet) /14.6㎡…¥20,000
【Bus tour】Double room (with bathroom and toilet) /14.6㎡)…¥18,500
【Bus tour】3〜5 shared room (with toilet) /18.3㎡ …¥15,500
【Bus tour】Large open space shared room. Separated by gender …¥14,500

【Accommodation Fee】Single room (with toilet) /14.6㎡…¥10,000
【Accommodation Fee】Double room (with bathroom and toilet) /14.6㎡)…¥8,500
【Accommodation Fee】3〜5 shared room (with toilet) /18.3㎡ …¥5,500
【Accommodation Fee】Large open space shared room. Separated by gender…¥4,500

※All expenses are for stay at a room with no meals.
※The large open space room is 80 tatami (approximately 122 m2) and is separated for males and females using a partition. 
※We recommend you come to the festival in the evening for dinner. It is a fairly remote area, there are no convenience stores nearby and this tour does not provide meals. However, this tour doesn’t include the fee for the festival.
Meeting and departure details.                                                                                                                       Meet pre-departure
May 18th
12:45  Hiroshima station Shinkansen exit
※Please come to the highway express bus stop.
※The bus leaves at 13:00 sharp. Please, do not be late.

May 19th
Bus No 1. Leaves Osorakan Snow Park 16:00 – Arrives Hiroshima station Shinkansen exit 18:00
Bus No 2. Leaves Osorakan Snow Park 20:30- Arrives Hiroshima station Shinkansen exit 22:30
EligibilityParticipants or supporters of the 4th Hiroshima Osorakan Trail.
Requirement number: 50 people for the bus tour, 60 people for only staying at the accommodation 
Min number of participants: 30 people
Single room (with toilet /14.6㎡)… 5 people
Double room (with bathroom /14.6㎡)… 10 people (5 pairs)
3〜5 shared room (with toilet)/18.3㎡ 10 rooms 50 people
Large open space shared room. 50 people
May 18th
12:45 Meeting
13:00 Depart Hiroshima station
15:00 Arrive at Hiroshima Osorakan Snow Park
    ※Refer to schedule of Osorakn trail
17:00 Shuttle bus departure (For those not attending the festival)
18:30 Shuttle bus departure (For those attending the festival)
    ※Stay at Ikoi No Mura
【Meal】Not attached
【Transportation】Chartered bus
【Accommodation】Ikoi No Mura Hiroshima

May 19th
3:30 Bus leave the for trail(Expert)
7:00 Bus leave the for trail(Intermidiate)
    ※Refer to schedule of Osorakn trail
16:00 Shuttle bus departure(No.1)
18:00 Arrival (No.1)
20:30 Shuttle bus departure(No.2)
22:30 Arrival (No.2)
【Meal】Not attached 
【Transportation】Chartered bus
Tour management.This tour has no tour conductor.
A crew will take you around and take care of you.
Things included in the price.Accommodation fee and transportation fee between Hiroshima station Shinkansen exit to Hiroshima Osorakan Snow Park (including consumption tax)
Not included in the priceAll costs except the above.
How to applyPlease use the application form.
Payment・credit card (VISA, Mastercard)
・Convenience store (LAWSON / Family Mart/ Seico Mart/ Mini Stop / Circle k sunkus/ Daily Yamazaki)
Contract completion.In the case of Credit card payment our company will notify you by message when the payment has been received.                                        In the case of bank transfer as soon as the transfer procedure is completed.
The planning / Management Mirainote Inc.    1-9-7 Aosaki, Minami-ku, Hiroshima JapanCertified General Travel Services Manager  Hideki AkiyamaRegular member of All Nippon Travel agents Association

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