Please apply from the application form below. Please note that reply e-mails from us may not arrive due to influences such as spam filters. Please contact us if there is no reply from us within 3 ~ 4 days. Cancellation charges etc are based on the Standard Form Travel Agent Contract.

I will send mail from []. The mail we will send is the e-mail with the details of the details and the e-mail for payment of credit settlement and convenience store settlement. Please confirm the content and proceed as soon as possible.

We will correspond at the same room in the same room.If you wish to have the same room in the same group in the group, please write in the remarks column. The final guide will be sent to the e-mail address you registered at the end of April.

【Bus Tour】Single room (with toilet) /14.6㎡…¥20,000【Bus Tour】Double room (with bathroom and toilet) /14.6㎡)…¥18,500【Bus Tour】3~5 shared room (with toilet) /18.3㎡ …¥15,500【Bus Tour】 Large open space shared room. Separated by gender …¥14,500【Accommodation Fee】 Single room (with toilet) /14.6㎡…¥10,000【Accommodation Fee】Double room (with bathroom and toilet) /14.6㎡)…¥8,500【Accommodation Fee】3~5 shared room (with toilet) /18.3㎡ …¥5,500【Accommodation Fee】Large open space shared room. Separated by gender…¥4,500

Participation Course(Required)

Shuttle bus(May 18th. Osorakan Snow Park - Ikai No Mura Hiroshima/Bus Tour Only)
17:00 Shuttle bus departure (For those not attending the festival)18:30 Shuttle bus departure (For those attending the festival)

Shuttle bus(May 19th. Osorakan Snow Park - Hiroshima station Shinkansen exit/Bus Tour Only)
16:00 Shuttle bus departure(No.1)20:30 Shuttle bus departure(No.2)

Sex (Required)

Payment (Required)
credit card(VISA,MASTER)Convenience store (LAWSON / Family Mart/ Seico Mart/ Mini Stop / Circle k sunkus/ Daily Yamazaki)